Quality, Sustainability & Innovation. This is our DNA
Building green, fast & durable
Check out our innovative construction materials that will make your life easier and help reduce our global footprint
Circular economy
Not everything has to be mined
Helping to grow the world - in a natural way
We offer minerals to grow, protect and feed your plants and animals at home. No chemicals, only carefully selected natural products

Environmental products

Solar Power

Rooftop solar panels installation is one of our main fields of specialization.Additionally, besides...

Innovation Solutions

Wind Turbines

By 2017 it must be a truth well-acknowledged, that if you've made a...

Building a better world

Residential Energy Storage

Going green and swapping your old conventional energy grid for a solar panel...


What We Offer

We provide innovative & eco-friendly materials for construction & agriculture

We supply many countries in Europe through the web and through our local partners

Drymix mortars & concrete

To build the future in a greener and better way!

Decorative mineral boards

To celebrate how beautiful our Earth is

Formulation services

Because we believe it is important to share knowledge


Just like Mark Zuckerberg founded a brand new medium of communication right out of his college dorm, we’ve founded a brand new energy source company while still in college!